Policy Statements


As a federal Crown corporation and a responsible corporate citizen Canada Lands Company (the Company) aspires to the highest standards in its ethics, accountability and transparency throughout its business operations. The Company is committed to the following statements and principles in its policy applications:

Canada Lands Company is subject to and fully adheres to the requirements set out in the federal Access to Information Act (« Act »). The purpose of the Act is to provide a right of access to information in records under the control of a government institution in accordance with the principles that government information should be available to the public, that necessary exceptions to the right of access should be limited and specific and that decisions on the disclosure of government information should be reviewed independently of government.

Canada Lands Company strives to withstand the highest standards of public scrutiny. It reimburses all appropriate business travel, hospitality, conference and event expenses incurred by employees in the course of carrying out their duties.

The Company publicly discloses quarterly expenses for both its senior management team and Board of Directors on its website.

Employees of Canada Lands Company are expected to uphold and enhance the Company's reputation for excellence, integrity and professionalism, to retain public confidence, and to maintain a high-quality work environment.

Employees of the Company are expected to act with loyalty, honesty and integrity; comply with laws, regulations and policies; treat others with respect; promote a positive image of the Company; protect the confidentiality of information; use and protect property and resources appropriately; and avoid conflicts of interest.

Canada Lands Company is subject to any obligations that the Company may have pursuant to international or national trade agreements (e.g., Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement; Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement). The Company seeks in its business operations to be fair and encourage competition.

Canada Lands Company encourages a culture that embraces innovation, collaboration, inclusion, diversity, and respect and strives to be representative of, and aligned with, the communities that it engages. The Company adheres to the highest standards of ethical behaviour in what it does and how it does it, while considering the financial and non-financial benefits it can generate through its operations.

Canada Lands Company obtains the optimal value in the sale of its assets by balancing financial returns and community benefits. Price is not the sole determinant and is only one criterion in determining optimal value.

In all of the Company’s transactions, it strives to:

  • be equitable and transparent;
  • encourage the use of competitive processes;
  • select reputable purchasers that are well-qualified in their respective areas of expertise;
  • require that employees of the Company conduct their sales activities in a manner consistent with the Company’s ethics and values; and
  • keep appropriate and adequate records of the selection process.


Canada Lands Company is subject to the Privacy Act (« Act »). The purpose of this statute is to protect the privacy of individuals and provide them with a right of access to personal information about themselves.

When the Company has personal information under its control, whether the personal information relates to Company employees, Board members, residential tenants or the general public, the Company respects the provisions of the Act.

Canada Lands Company is committed to respecting and working with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples. The Company respects the unique Nation-to- Nation relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the Government of Canada and their constitutionally protected rights. It invests time to understand and appreciate the Indigenous groups with whom the Company works in order to understand their history, traditions, values, beliefs, aspirations, current issues and concerns, priorities, expectations, etc. and the Company conducts itself in a manner that is mindful of these.

Canada Lands Company is committed to respecting the Official Languages Act and its obligations under this Act. The Company is committed to responding to any complaint which may occur from time to time on the application of the Act, whether the complaints come directly from employees, the public or the office of the Commissioner of Official Languages.

Canada Lands Company is committed to providing high quality programming and in house offerings at its attraction venues that enhance and support Canada as a diverse country. Programming allows communities to be involved in learning and supports the Company’s overall mandate for innovation.

Canada Lands Company is committed to creating a culture that values human dignity, inclusiveness and a diverse workforce while creating opportunities for personal development and self-fulfillment in the attainment of the Company’s overall mandate. The Company promotes and fosters an environment that respects dignity, individual ideas and beliefs and thereby ensures equity and diversity in employment.

Canada Lands Company is committed to ensuring that its employees have a safe and healthy environment in which to work and strives to ensure that the Company’s workplace, operations, public areas and projects are in full compliance with all applicable codes, laws and by-laws. The Company works to additionally promote health and safety by educating employees on health and safety programs and policies in the workplace through training and knowledge transfer which support the Company’s health and safety guidelines, safe work methods and relevant regulations.

On construction sites, the Company is committed to a high standard of safety for all construction projects taking place on Company owned or managed workplace sites. The Company complies with the occupational health and safety laws and regulations applicable in each workplace location.

Canada Lands Company is vitally interested in the ongoing health and safety of employees, which includes mental health and stress management, and detection and awareness of mental health indicators. The Company understands that providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees no longer means the simple prevention and protection from physical injury in the workplace; the emotional and mental well-being of employees must be protected and supported as well.

As an organization, we are committed to detection and recognition of the signals and to work towards providing a healthy workplace that places a high value on both the physical and mental well-being of employees.