Summaries of ATIA Completed Requests - March 2013

Request Number
Summary of Request
Number of pages disclosed
A-2012-014 Obtain a copy of all correspondence related to Wellington Basin and Pointe-du-Moulin between November 1, 2011 and June 15, 2013.Abandoned  March 2013
A-2012-021 A copy of the end of employment agreement, or employment termination agreement, reached between CLC and Claude Benoit. A copy of a letter to Mrs. Benoit by CLC informing her that her job is being abolished. Any letter or email of reply from Mrs. Benoit or her attorneys or lawyers responding to the notice of her job being abolished in 2013 or news reports about that possibility in 2012. A copy of Mrs. Benoit's existing employment contract with the CLC. Disclosed in part  March 2013